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Client Infographic: Clothing Shop Online

Clothing is an everyday necessity that not only keeps us warm and protected, but also allows us to express ourselves in a way that is totally unique to us. Clothing is such an integral part of our lives that it’s kind of weird to think about how it came into existence before it came to be in our closet. Clothing Shop Online has created a new Infographic that chronicles the journey from the cotton seedlings all the way to the store.


Check out the entire Infographic to learn more about how the garment industry is a major part of the global economy!

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Are You Sabotaging Your Business Website?

Are You Sabotaging Your Business Website?It’s essential for your business to have a website, but if you’re making these mistakes, you might be hurting your business more than helping. Visual Mistakes You can drive people away from your website in a nanosecond with: Flash or animation that begins to play automatically An extremely busy design A very dull, vanilla design...continue reading …

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12 Writing and Grammar Tips for Bloggers

Reading some blogs make me cringe! Their sentence construction, grammar usage and comprehension are something even a fifth standard kid will find awful. You’ll find every blogger propagating the necessity of quality content. However, most of them fail to maintain the necessary quality standards on their own blog. The primary lack is inadequate language knowledge.

I won’t teach English Language here but what I want to share are some essential grammar tips for bloggers. Erroneous grammar usage creates negative impression about the blog and hurts its branding in the long run.

It’s not that you’ve to become the next language genius and no one is expecting impeccable language use; however, there are certain basic standards. You’re good if you can maintain the basic standards.

So, read these grammar tips and abide by them on your blog.

Grammar Tips for Bloggers

Here we go:

1) Your / You’re

‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun and ‘You’re’ is the contraction of ‘you are’.


  • Your blog
  • You’re my best friend

2) There / Their / They’re

‘There’ implies going somewhere and ‘Their’ means referring to people. ‘They’re’ is the contraction of ‘they are’.


  • The thieves are hiding there.
  • Have you got their goods?
  • They’re so talkative.

3) Its / It’s

‘Its’ is a possessive pronoun and ‘It’s’ is the contraction of ‘it is’ or ‘it has’.


  • It’s an apple.
  • The dog overturned its water bowl.
Grammar Tips for Bloggers

Grammar Tips for Bloggers

4) Than / Then

You use ‘than’ if you’re comparing anything and use ‘then’ is other instances. ‘Then’ often implies a certain point of time.


  • An apple has more nutrition than an orange.
  • Then the group of friends went to the temple.

5) Affect / Effect

‘Affect’ is a verb and ‘Effect’ is a noun. Both of them ‘imply’ something so the differences are subtle. Most bloggers and writers confuse between them.


  • Poor grammar has a negative effect on writing skills.
  • Poor grammar will affect your potential to gain more assignments.

6) Less / Fewer

Use ‘Fewer’ if you can count it and ‘Less’ when its uncountable or immeasurable.


  • Robert sent fewer job applications than last week.
  • Johnson has less incentive to work harder.

7) Complement / Compliment

‘Complement’ is added when you add or supplement something. ‘Compliment’ is praising someone.


  • Max complimented Sarah on her beautiful appearance.
  • The Genesis framework complements WordPress.

8) Principal / Principle

‘Principal’ indicates the highest of ranks, the head of an organisation or the main participant. ‘Principle’ implies a law or standard.


  • Robin is the principal shareholder in the company.
  • The banking system operates of various principles.

How to Improve Your Grammar & Writing?

If you write blogs, either for your own or someone else’s, and your writing sucks, it’s time to get back to school!

As a content creator, it is your responsibility to offer near-perfect content because blog owners and other content marketing agencies don’t have the time or resources to put a piece of article or blog through layers of editorial standard.

They expect a nearly flawless masterpiece!

In this section, I am going to share some online grammar and writing style guides. Read them.


A next-gen automated proofreader, the free tool checks your content against 250 grammar and styling features! Just copy and paste the content, and the software runs it through more than 9 billion documents within minutes.

2) Daily Writing Tips

Signup with their newsletter and get a daily dose of grammar, spelling and vocabulary tips right in your inbox.


Stewart Kellerman and Patricia T. O’Conner have spent half a century as editors and writers. They are the authors of some top books on English language. Their website publishes content on grammar, usage, etymology and more.

4) Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

This is an award-winning website offering creative and engaging grammar exercises, helping you learn grammar rules, spellings, word selections and more. They also have a weekly podcast worth signing up for.

Writing is an extremely satisfying and creative art. If you’re unsure about writing, read Lisa Killman’s What Not to Do as a Writer blog where she shares her journey as a writer and the mistakes she made. The stories are inspirational in a big way. Or, take this quiz from


The moot point is if you want to become a writer and express it through the medium of blogging, read all the writing and grammar tips for bloggers.

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First Post Delete

First Post  Delete

Pinterest Releases Analytics Upgrade to All Business Accounts

Finally, marketers and brands have true analytics data to evaluate their Pinterest accounts. Before this update, the analytics were still decent, but now there are some very cool new features that we wanted to break down. The analytics have three main sections: Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience, and Activity from Your Website. Each of these main areas has subsections that break down the data even further. We’ve put together our analysis of what each of these new sections mean.


Your Pinterest Profile – How your pins are doing on your Pinterest profile. This is the most familiar section, and includes the following data:

  • Impressions – Number of times a Pin from your profile has appeared on any feed.
  • Repins – Number of times someone added your Pin to one of their own boards.
  • Clicks – Number of clicks and unique visits back to your website from Pins.
  • All-Time – This section gives you insight on your all-time most repinned Pins, best ranking in search Pins, and power Pins (Pins with a high mix of Repins, clicks, and more).


Your Audience – This section gives you an idea of the type people who interact with Pins from your profile and website.

  • Average Monthly Views/Engaged – Number of times your Pins were viewed and engaged with on average.
  • Demographics – Insight into those who did engage, including what country/city they’re from, their gender, and what language they speak.
  • Interest – Insight to other things audiences enjoys. Includes ‘Boards’ and ‘Businesses’, where ‘Boards’ means Pinterest boards that include many of your Pins and ‘Businesses’ are other businesses your audience follows.


Activity From Wpromote – This includes similar data from the first section, but also from all original Pins coming from your website. Activity from your website includes: Impressions, Repins, Clicks, Original Pins, All-Time, and the Pin It Button. Some metrics are similar to those in “Your Pinterest Profile” so let’s jump past them.

  • Original Pins – This includes anytime someone was browsing your website and found something they liked and decided to Pin it to a board.
  • Pin It Button – Shows how the Pin it Button has made pinning better for your site, if you have it. It includes two graphs: the first shows the number of impressions your pages with the Pin it Button got in a specific timeframe. The second graph shows how many impressions Pins created from your website received, how many times those Pins were repinned, and how many times those Repins lead to clicks back to your website.


Along with these analytics, almost all of the sections include the ability to select date ranges and a dropdown to filter by device. There are some interesting insights to be taken from this new data. Which one will be your favorite? Send us a Tweet or leave a comment to let us know. If any of this doesn’t make sense or if you need tips to implement any of these analytics, check out the new and improved Pinterest Help Center.

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What Does the End of Google Authorship Mean for Your Brand?


For the past three years, Google has encouraged brands and website content creators to identify their work via the Google Authorship program. Google rewarded participation by offering Authorship participants ways to differentiate themselves among search engine results pages (SERPs), providing a photo and byline for searches related to your name AND your content topics. Although sweeping changes have been announced, marketers should not write off the Author Rank SEO opportunity that remains.

Google Authorship - Matt Cutts

This week, Google announced an end to the Authorship experiment. This is likely a result of:

  1. Low adoption rates
  2. Minimal value to the searcher &
  3. Increased mobile searches lacking the SERP space for unnecessary rich media

What Is Disappearing?

  • Authorship SERP displays: No more photo and byline linking directly to your content/website
  • Tracking of authorship performance in Google Webmaster Tools

What Remains?

Author Rank

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed that verified authors’ content has a better chance of ranking than content without a verified author. Without a formal Authorship program, Google will likely rely on bylines and recognized authority (visits, links, likes and shares) associated with authors’ content. Article markup is also still being used to enhance the “In-depth articles” feature.

Google Author Rank

Google+ SERP Results

Recently, Google encouraged authors to demonstrate their value/reach by increasing engagement and reach in Google+. These efforts continue to benefit content creators and brands.

Google Author - Tyson Braun

People and brands engaged on Google+ can still rank in SERPs for their post content and get enhanced listings in followers’ searches. Thus, Google+ engagement and content amplification still drive increased SEO opportunities among their followers/circles.

Google Author - Briggs & Stratton

Brand name searches also continue to result in enhanced listings. For instance, a search for “Lowe’s” includes an expanded sidebar listing with a prompt to follow via Google+ and lists the brand’s most recent posts.

Google Author - Lowe's

Resolution POV:

While the loss of Authorship as it existed marks a lost SEO opportunity, tactical efforts encouraged through the program still add value to digital marketing efforts.

Brands and influencers can still leverage Google+ for outreach and content amplification. Growing followers is beneficial beyond the G+ platform, because followers’ SERP results still display enhanced listings.


What should brands/influencers be doing in the post-Authorship era?

  • Continue to include bylines and Article mark-up to content
  • Engage via Google+ to increase followers
  • Post content to Google+ (along with other owned social platforms)
  • Encourage 3rd party contributors and influencers to share content via Google+

FAQ Pages: Good for Search, Good for Your Clients

FAQ Pages: Good for Search, Good for Your ClientsHere’s a quick way to add some content to your local business website that helps your customers, shows off your expertise and gives Google something to chew on: Write an “FAQ page” of answers to frequently asked questions about your business. It’s a simple Q&A format; take a look at these good examples of frequently...continue reading …

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Topics For Consideration With Primary Criteria For Shared Hosting

Is there an easy way to make a name generator without coding? Another advantage is that you do not have to be a professional webmaster to do this. What he should work for is the strenghtening of civilian decision making in the future government of Egypt. It is however, something to be aware of.

Thus it is important to consider the important points before you make a switch as a better choice could make your website perform better. If you plan on hosting a dynamic website you will require a dedicated IP Internet protocol which will enable to have your own digital certificate and identity on the Internet. Take advantage of it, dealing with spam can be a real time waster. As well, Cloud hosting comes with all of the essential equipment and services required to host and maintain the Cloud so a business will not have the added expense of equipment and overhead costs. So, don't be afraid to invest a little for an excellence hosting which will provide the best web hosting service experience even if you're just starting out. A VPS, because it's scalable tends to be a little more cost effective on a monthly basis. This server reliability translates to customer satisfaction and an increase in the bottom line goals of a web site's presence. One of the most important decisions you will have to make for your website is the selection of web host.

After obtaining, this plan is divided among various individuals who want the web-sources. Cloud hosting enables operating a website on several servers. With this, it's easy to change the database details as necessary in a central place. Mailing lists, blogs, wikis and instant messengers are seamlessly integrated to provide a one-stop solution to the needs of the networking audience. It will surely come from the design of your website. Notes on crucial details in website hosting.

Owing to the fact that there are a significant number of web developers, Linux is coded in a much advanced way. This can be very beneficial in terms of promotion. If it's a VPS you know, 4 to 20. The most important thing that you need if you want to have a Internet presence is domain registration, and web hosting. And they were aware that we were moving the hosting.

And we support, for our TLDs, the standard ones. If you pay a reasonable amount, you should get the right value for money. Lastly, it is a great idea to check out the other user reviews to judge the reliability of the webhosting service provider. In simpler terms, the company sells a large amount of disk space and bandwidth to each customer knowing that the customer will rarely even use 10% of what is available to them.

But no such difficulty exists with cloud servers because the volume of resources could be expanded or reduced according to your site's needs. The country's unrest has also led to several Internet blackouts throughout the year, a dangerous side affect for a rapidly growing brand. So we'll go ahead and use that as our sample domain for the purposes of this tutorial. Our VPS hosting India, Australia, UK, USA, solutions help you to use the server for backup, file storage, or anything else. When you register a domain name, you do not own that domain name permanently, but rather you register it for a certain number of years. Domain names, website builder, and shopping carts are included free. You probably have a lot of questions about VPS hosting that you are going to need answers to, especially if you are looking for an alternative to shared hosting.

The web hosting company provides the disk space with a web server necessary to launch the site. Omacka is the marketing manager of Marble Host, a reliable web hosting with many preinstalled scripts which can be run without any PHP knowledge. Domain names are identification tags that symbolize presence on the internet. So Bob asks Mary. Servers in India are being managed by many agencies and they are trying their best to accommodate the most advanced features that are required for web designing.

Now navigate to My services' area and on the leftside Under Host level services Click on Add host services . Although .xxx addresses are not yet being publicly sold, was one of a number of names being offered to companies in advance of open sale. To further protect the Web server, IIS 7.0 includes request filtering. An Internet presence is a must these days.

The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers

Bloggers and affiliate marketing are a great match. But often bloggers don’t fully understand the benefits of affiliate marketing as a proven monetization method. They are either unaware of the opportunities or not sure how affiliate marketing can work for them.

In some cases, bloggers may already be using basic affiliate marketing techniques, but just not identify themselves as affiliates and not using this monetization method to its full potential. There are millions of blogs on the internet today and your goal shouldn’t just be to create content, but also plan out a monetization method that is going to work well for both yourself and your audience. More times than not, affiliate marketing works well for both sides — for instance, you are probably already writing about various products, services and web sites, so why not make some money on the side in the process?

The affiliate space is growing and bloggers can take advantage of that. According to Forrester Research, affiliate marketing is a growing strategy for earning money on the Web. The market researcher estimates that U.S. affiliate marketing spending will reach $4.1 billion for 2014, up from $1.6 in 2007.

You have a lot of different ways that you can make money online and with a blog, but in my eyes, affiliate marketing has the most upside.

Affiliate Marketing with Your Blog

And it’s critical to the growth of the affiliate industry to continue to bring in new and diverse affiliates such as content bloggers. In turn, this helps attract more merchants as it enables them to have a wider range of affiliate types to work with and promote their offers.

Bloggers are known for creating great content and developing loyal audience communities that trust them. But there is often some education needed to make bloggers aware of the great monetization opportunities, as well as, the overall benefits to their business of becoming an affiliate.

A recently released one-pager from the Performance Marketing Association, titled, “The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers,” highlights a variety of ways bloggers can leverage affiliate marketing to achieve their financial and business goals.

The PMA Brief outlines several points including:

  • How Bloggers are in Control
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Growing Internet Expertise
  • Content Ideas
  • Unique offers

The paper is free and can be downloaded here.

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A Smattering of SEO News: 9/4/14

Hello folks, and welcome to September! Can you believe we’re approaching the final quarter of 2014?! Where did it go? All I know is that it’s been a darned interesting year for SEO happenings, and this past week is no exception. Take a look!



Google News:

  • Google Purposefully Showing Older Version Of Search Engine On Older Browsers – Recently, people using older browsers have noticed that they’re seeing an older version of These users left hundreds of comments in Google’s Search Help forum reporting the occurrences as glitches. According to a Google employee, however, the issue isn’t a glitch at all, but rather that the company could provide only limited support for older browsers. The main message here is for users to visit and get the most recent version of their browser.


  • Theory: Google Only Crawls Final Rendered Version Of A Page – According to a story on Search Engine Roundtable, an experienced and tech savvy webmaster noticed that many of his images had recently begun to disappear from Google Image Search, and did some diagnoses to figure out why. He noted that he had been using JavaScript to embed resized images, and the code only rendered the full images once the full DOM (Document Object Model) was ready. He then found that by replacing those JavaScript codes with codes that rendered the full image right off the bat, he could get his images to return to Google Image Search. Google’s Pierre Far responded to the theory by claiming this is what they discussed a few months ago in regards to not blocking CSS or JavaScript. This is one more strike against employing JavaScript in website creation, that’s for sure.
  • Google Drops Authorship From Search Results – For a long time, SEOs such asgoogle-authorship us touted the benefits of authorship as a way to get better results in Google by having content come from more trusted sources. Sadly, Google announced that authorship is being removed from the search engine results, as they noted it did little to “reduce site traffic or generate ad clicks.” However, in a separate article, the idea of author trust, or Author Rank as it’s called, lives on despite the death of authorship. Author Rank still relies on the general trustworthiness and quality of the author in question, and the death of authorship shouldn’t have any impact on their efforts to explore and utilize author trust. Therefore, the focus on high quality and trusted content continues unabated.
  • Google Rolls Blog Search Into Google News – Google has disabled its former Blog Search homepage, and now incorporates blog search results directly into Google News. Now in Google News, you can select “All News” and “Blogs” from a drop-down menu. It’ll be interesting to see if this results in any traffic boosts or other benefits as a result of any possibly increased exposure.
  • YouTube Begins Fan Funding Beta For Select Users – There are more and more solutions to funding the project of your dreams, be it Flattr or Patreon, but this method is coming directly from Google itself. Once you’re in YouTube’s new beta program, you set up a proper Google Wallet account, then select which videos will include the Fan Funding banner. This is a great way to gain further support for your projects, be they product reviews or a web series. I recently got into the beta myself, and can’t wait to see how it performs.


Other News:

  • Bing Goes Into Detail On How It Fights Web Spam – There’s a detailed post over on the Bing Blog about how they go about fighting spam, and it’s a pretty interesting read. The post goes into great detail as to how they determine a spammer’s motivation, and how they fight those motivations with their own dedication to high quality search results. It’s definitely worth a read, regardless of your level of technical or SEO knowhow.


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